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If you regret a purchase and want to return one or more items, you must send them back to us no later than 14 days after you have received your order. This is in accordance with the law on distance contracts and contracts outside business premises.  Read more here . If you instead wish to make a change to another product, we are responsible for return shipping. 

We only accept unused products

The products you send back must be unused and sent back together with the original packaging. For a return, you pay the postage cost for the return.

How to make a return:

1. Print the following withdrawal form

2. Fill in the withdrawal form carefully, state the reason for return

Put product & regret form in a package

4. Send the package to us (you pay the postage)

We will credit your invoice / refund you as soon as we have received and checked the return. This is usually done within five days from the date we have received your returned product.

Note - if you do not have a printer for the withdrawal form, you can write down the same information by hand on a piece of paper and send it in the package.

Return address :

C/o LORD se - Ahmad Orabi

Furutorpsgatan 34 -25237



What happens if I do not follow the steps above?

We have clearly specified the return instructions above for your sake. In order for your return to be as smooth as possible to handle and for you to get your payment back quickly, we are very grateful that you follow the instructions carefully. If you do not follow the steps we specify in the text above, we will unfortunately not be able to accept your return. If we receive an incomplete return, we will return the package to you, without the possibility for you to be refunded. Thank you very much for helping us!

How do I find my order number?

You will find your order number in your order confirmation that we sent to you via e-mail in connection with you placing the order.

How do I find the names of the products?

All products and product names can be found in your order confirmation that we sent to you via e-mail in connection with you placing the order.

Can you send a return slip?

No sorry! In return matters, you paid for the shipping costs on your own. We can therefore not send you a return slip. If you instead want to make a change to another size or another product, we offer you to make a free change.

Does the 14-day right of return apply?

Yes it is true! We follow the Distance Contracts Act and always offer a free right of withdrawal for 14 days, from the time you as a customer have received your package. Please note that we will not accept returns sent back to us later than 14 days after you receive your goods.

Does an uncollected package count as a return?

No, it does not count as a return! If your package is sent back to us from a delivery point (for example from a postal agent or a pre-store), due to the fact that you have not picked it up, it will not count as a return. For packages that come back to us due to not being requested by Postnord, we will charge you SEK 200 for our costs for shipping, return shipping, administration and handling. If the product value is lower than SEK 200, we instead charge the entire amount for uncollected packages.


Om du vill byta en eller flera varor som du har beställt måste bytet genomföras senast 14 dagar efter att du har mottagit dina varor. Produkterna du skickar tillbaka måste vara oanvända och skickas tillbaka i obruten originalförpackning.

Vi erbjuder fria byten vilket betyder att vi står för för porto, hantering och emballagekostnader när du gör ett byte.

När vi skickar dina nya varor bifogar vi samtidigt en returfraktsedel i paketet. Du använder retursedeln för att återsända dina bytesprodukter.

Har du ytterligare frågor gällande ditt byte? Vänligen kontakta oss här.

To make a change: 

1 . Place a new order in our online store for the product or products you wish to exchange for.

2 . Write a message with " Change + Your name " in the field called message at checkout  (important). 

3 . Write a message with the text " Exchange shipping in the checkout discount field, and your exchange will be free of charge.

4 . We send your new goods, together with a return note, which you use to return the returned goods to us.

5 . Write an email to us, and we will credit your previous order / invoice with the corresponding amount for the product / products you return.

Need help?
Contact us at { [email protected] } for questions related to refunds and return policy.

Box: 25237 - Helsingborg :810629-4732