Discover LORD see selected collection of premium power banks and energy efficient lighting for extra beauty and practicality in your home.

LED night light with motion sensor

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Bluetooth FM transmitter for car

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Home electronics:

Modern but cheap electronics for your home, surely that's a dream for everyone? We have collected a substantial range of modern home electronics with all kinds of products you could possibly want to have at home. With us you will find everything from LED lamps and night lights to wireless charging stations at really good prices. With us, however, the focus is not only on a wallet-friendly price, but also on design and functionality.

Buy energy-efficient LED lighting for your home electronics
Something that is well worth an investment for the home is energy-efficient LED lighting. LED lights are very energy efficient and can light up your home for an eternity. The light is atmospheric and the lamps help to create a nice indoor environment.

LED lamps are available in all imaginable profiles and with different sockets. In our range you will find smart, modern LED lights with WiFi control that can shine in different colors and brightnesses. Thanks to their built-in WiFi, you can control the lights using your mobile. These lamps are perfect for both ceiling lamps and decorative lighting.

The advanced technology helps you create a relaxed atmosphere and the many functions include voice control through Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Buying home electronics is fun, especially when it's as simple yet advanced as this one!

LED strips
Our range not only consists of LED lamps, but also contains LED strips that are controlled by WiFi and Bluetooth. With our LED strips, you can create unique lighting with music synchronization and animated effects, which will be both cool and lively in the room.
Wireless charging station
Buy a wireless charging station with magnetic charging for the home. Then you can charge without cables while knowing where you have put your phone. Our wireless charging station for Apple's iPhone also charges your iWatch and your Airpods at the same time. In this way, you can charge all your Apple products so that they are ready when you leave home.

The multifunctional modern design is really flexible with its 3-in-1 solution. Best of all, we have both different models and different colors to choose from.

Which home electronics is best?
Many people find it difficult to buy electronics. Regardless of which product you are looking at, there are often an incredible number of models to choose from with different technical specifications that can be difficult to understand and compare. It is therefore best to buy home electronics online. Then you can compare products in peace and quiet.

Energy solutions:
Explore our range of energy-efficient solutions to optimize your energy consumption and reduce your environmental impact. From solar energy and energy management technology to durable appliances and energy saving systems - we offer innovative products and solutions for both home and business. Discover sustainable options for energy solutions that will help you save money while promoting a greener environment.

Common questions and answers for home electronics

Is it cheaper to buy home electronics online?
The price of electronics can vary greatly depending on which product and which brand you want to buy. Home electronics can be cheaper online, especially if you buy from smaller stores without big costs.  

What can a 60000 mAh power bank charge?
A really powerful power bank of 60,000 mAh can charge both your mobile and your laptop with fast charging. It is therefore the perfect electronic accessory for travel. A smaller power bank can only charge your mobile a few times.

Is a regular lamp or an LED lamp the best buy?
It is better to buy an LED lamp. It is much more efficient than a regular lamp and usually lasts ten times longer.

Modern Hemelektronik: LED-Belysning,Trådlösa Laddstationer