Dancing and Singing Cactus - Rechargeable

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Dancing and singing cactus These are the most popular viral kids toys of the year! The most popular interactive toy is finally with us, an amazing one

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Dancing and singing cactus - Rechargeable

This is the most popular viral toy of the year! The most popular interacting toy is finally with us, an amazing cactus that dances, plays music and imitates what you say. Dancing and singing cactus with several cool effects is the children's new favorite toy! It is simply a star at entertaining children and spreading joy.

Dancing and Singing Cactus has 120 different songs to choose from so the range of music is extensive, which is perfect for curious and music-loving children. To make the toy extra entertaining, it is also equipped with Talk-back function, that is, recording and repetition.

Sing or talk freely and the toy will repeat what you have said, so much fun! Children love toys that imitate. But that's not all, this dancing cactus also shines in different colors when dancing! It's great to see the colors change with the dance moves.

The product is very easy to use, it has an on and off button as well as two other buttons. One button to switch music and one to record and imitate. Dancing and singing cactus consists of green soft material in plush with brown pot in plush.