Airfryer disposable paper/paper 20cm liners accessories Yellow 50 pcs

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Airfryer disposable paper/ 20cm liners accessories Yellow 50 pcs. The fryer is no longer dirty and sticky after frying with A Disposabl

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Airfryer disposable paper/paper 20cm liner accessories Yellow 50 pcs

Product Description

1. The fryer is no longer dirty and messy after frying with A Disposable Paper Liner.

Discard the paper lining after use, there is no need to clean the fryer.

3.Our air fryer paper lining is thick enough to withstand the baking time!

4. It is oil-proof, waterproof, non-stick and not easy to damage, suitable for all your baking needs.

5. Don't let dirt and grime get in the way of your mood and stop you from baking! Start a smarter and healthier kitchen life with 50 Air Fryer disposable paper!


Material: paper

Dimensions: 20 cm

Color: Brown

Package list: 1 set * deep fryer cushion paper


1. Product size deviation 1-3cm

2. Note that the actual color of the object may be slightly different due to many factors such as screen brightness and brightness.

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